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A List of Chocolate-coated Marshmallow Treats from All Around the World

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Chocolate-Covered-Marshmallows-german-food-houston-txChocolate-coated marshmallow treats have many different variations in different parts of the world. Many cultures claim that this delicacy is their own invention. It is believed that, for the first time, the chocolate-coated marshmallow treat was made in Denmark in the 1800s.

In England, these chocolate treats are known as chocolate teacakes, even though many believe that a teacake is actually a sweet roll with dry fruit. These teacakes are as famous as the British biscuits eaten at breaks with a cup of tea. One of the most famous teacakes in England is the Tunnock teacake. British even give these teacakes to blood donors after they’ve donated their blood. The teacake is made of a round bead base which is covered with Italian meringue, whipped egg white which reminds us to marshmallow. After that, it is coated with a layer of milk or chocolate and the Tunnock teacakes are wrapped in red and silver foil, or blue and gold. Red and silver is for the milk chocolate type of teacake, and the blue and gold is for the plain chocolate-coated marshmallow treat.

There are many arguments about whether the teacake is really a biscuit as it is classified or it is actually a cake. Marks and Spencer have argued that it is not a biscuit so as such, it is wrongly taxed. The European court ruled that it was not a biscuit indeed, but it was a cake and Marks and Spencer have started a legal action to retrieve all the money they have paid for taxes for these chocolate treats.

In Denmark, these chocolate-coated marshmallow treats are known as negerkys – negro kiss, flodebolle – cream bun and negerbolle – negro bun. But, because the negro part has been seen as a racist word, it has been prevented from using since the 2000s. It is believed that Denmark is the largest producer of these chocolate-covered marshmallow treats with production of around 800 million of these each year.

Krembo is another chocolate-covered marshmallow treat which is very popular in Israel in the winter, as a replacement for the ice cream. It is wrapped up in colorful foil and is made of biscuit base topped with whipped egg cream and covered with chocolate. There are two flavors, mocha and vanilla. The word comes from the Hebrew krem – cream and bo-in it. One krembo weighs 25 grams and has 115 calories. The krembo season usually start in October and ends in February. It is believed that over 50 million krembos are sold every year.

Mallomars are well known chocolate=covered marshmallow treat to Americans. A cracker covered with marshmallow and covered with dark chocolate thus forming a hard shell. These chocolate treats were introduced in 1913 and the first box was sold in New Jersey. Mallomars are available from October to April. They are not distributed in the summer period because they melt easily in high temperatures.

We all must agree that chocolate-coated marshmallow treats are always a good choice, no matter where they come from and how they are prepared.

Liverwurst german food houston tx

What’s the Story Behind German Liverwursts?

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GermanLiverwurst-german-food-houston-txLiverwursts come from Germany and the word is actually an Anglicism of the German leberwust which means liver sausage. This sausage is eaten in many parts and countries of Europe like Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania and Finland.

These liverwursts contain calves’ or pigs’ liver. Other ingredients are meat, fat and spices like mustard, pepper or nutmeg. Different regions in Germany have different recipes for the liverwursts. Adding bacon or onion gives a distinctive taste and aroma to the liverwursts. People even try out liverwursts with cowberries and mushrooms.

Liverwursts, as all other sausages, are high on sodium. 55 grams of liverwurst contain 168 calories. This sausage provides more than 100 % of the daily needs of the body because is rich with vitamins A and B, especially B12. But, on the other side, liverwursts also contain 25 % of fat. Besides that, it also provides around 27% of the daily need of iron.

It is interesting to know that some types of liverwursts from different regions have a protected status in the EU. The term liverwurst has been used for the first time in 1860 in the United States. It is believed that German immigrants were those who brought liverwursts in the US. The fact that there are a lot of places in the US where you can find liverwursts supports the theory.

These liverwursts are not healthy food. The only thing that separates them from other sausages is the richness of vitamins and minerals. It is considered as unhealthy food because of the high levels of sodium and fat in it.

Liverwursts can be used in a lot of recipes, both hot and cold. One very popular dish with liverwurst is called Braunschweiger. For this dish, you need to slice the sausage into pieces and add some other smoked meat like bacon together with the sausage in the pan. The two meats are cooked until they become brown and until the two different flavors are mixed. This braunschweiger can be used as a main meal, but can be served as an addition to pasta, mashed potatoes, or some cooked vegetables.

Another tasty recipe that can be made with liverwursts is a spread, which is combined with bread or crackers. Usually, it is served chill or in room temperature. This spread is a favorite to many people who like liverwursts.

bread rolls

German-style Bread Rolls for a Perfect Dish

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German-style Bread Rolls for a Perfect DishBread rolls are small rounded loafs of bread, usually prepared for one person. They are often served as an addition to the meal and can be eaten plain or with butter or, they can be cut into two pieces and have a filling in between. It is like making a sandwich out of slices of bread.

There have been many different names for these bread rolls. Usually the name comes from the baker’s term which was used for different forms of the bread rolls and for the different way that the bread rolls were cooked. Because there are too many, people have come to use one simple name for all the different types of bread rolls, just a bread roll.

There is breadcake, term used for making sandwiches out of bread rolls. Then, cob which is a soft or crusty round roll and bap, which is a larger roll which contains butter in order to provide tenderness and comes into various shapes. Some other terms are barm, batch, bulkie roll, bun, dinner roll, dollar roll, flour cake, French roll, Italian roll, Kaiser roll, manchet, muffin, onion roll, oven bottom and teacake.

The bread rolls are a very common food in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and Italy. The Germans also have different names for different forms and shapes of the bread roll such as brotchen, rundstuck, semmel, schrippe or weck. There are also white rolls made of wheat flour and dark rolls made of rye flour. Many of the bread rolls include spices as their ingredient, too. These spices can be coriander, cumin, nuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds.

These bread rolls can be eaten with butter or cheese, bread spreads, marmalade, ham, or salami.

Germans have tradition of eating potato noodles which are covered in sauce and literally, they are swimming in the sauce. This dish is usually eaten with bread rolls so that at the end of the meal, you can wipe all the sauce out of the plate. It sounds delicious and it really is!

Another type of bread rolls are the pretzel bread rolls (the German term is laugenwecken) which can be eaten with some delicious toppings like cooked ham or cream cheese.

Then you have the seele, which is also a bread roll and goes great with creamy mushroom sauce.

Bread rolls is a good choice for most meals and you have different kinds to choose from and German-style rolls are among the most tasteful ones.

You should try sometimes eating bread rolls with your dinner or lunch because it’s a great addition and it will make you like the food even more.