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German Beer and Schnapps 101

Beers on tapsGermans. What are they known for? Industry, tenacity, and much more. Among all of those things is something that everyone should know. German Beer. Or as the Germans themselves call it, schnapps. Thing is, there is a lot, and I mean a LOT of options. The Germans make a lot of beer, so sorting through it all to find the really good stuff is going to be a task and a half. I have decided that I will try and pick through the pile to find the beer and schnapps that are really great. So the only question now is, where to start?


This beer is one that everyone knows and loves. The Pilsner style of beer was created in 1842. So this beer has been around the block. It’s the classic alcohol from Germany that has garnered the well deserved reputation of most loved beer in the world. You can find this style of brew absolutely everywhere. In the bar, in a restaurant, probably even in the back of your local convenience store. It has earned this reputation from it’s taste, which is pure and simple. It is a clean bitter taste that goes well with pretty much everything. In other words, Pilsner beer is simply the best beer around, and everyone wants it.

Wheat Beer

The oldest beer in existence. Wheat beer has been around for the longest time. Far, far back to when beer was still a concept, the Germans put wheat and barley with water, yeast and hops. Now a days, the brew has taken on a bunch of different characteristics. From different ratios of the original ingredients to adding fruit and other tastes to the beer. This venerable style is still very relevant to today. Wheat beer has a soft flavor with a grainy aroma. If you are looking for a classic taste, look no further.


A pretty simple beer with a not so simple start. The Maerzen style beer was created by a brewer for Oktoberfest and was a huge success. People loved it and the style got a second name, Oktoberfest. The beer that is named after the festival is actually pretty soft. It has a light, malty taste that is not actually balanced out by anything. Not that it is a bad thing, it is one of the brew’s strengths. If you are looking forward to trying this type of style, you will not have to wait until it’s namesake for a taste. Maerzen or Oktoberfest is a well loved beer that you should at least try once!

Those three styles are well proven and a great starting point if you want to start trying German beers. simple, grainy, or malty gives you plenty of options on how you want to start. the simple and clean taste of Pilsner, the grainy feel of classic wheat beer, or the malt of Oktoberfest. Any is a great drink, so enjoy them!