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Applicious Apfelstrudel, Apple Strudel – Receipe

Apple Strudel, or Apfelstrudel as it is pronounced in the German Language is a pastry-based strudel that is served
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white bread dumplings

Broeselknoedel: German White Bread Dumplings – Receipe

Rudi’s BroeselknoedelGerman white bread dumplings are made from (white flour breadcrumbs). Other terms f
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chicken marsala recipe

Chicken Breast Marsala: The Rudi Lechner’s Way – Receipe

Although Chicken Breast Marsala as an entree was originally derived from isolated provinces of France and Italy,
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crepes suzette recipe

Crepes Suzette Recipe: “The Sweet Accident”

Crepes Suzette was actually created out of a mistake in 1895 at the Maitre at Monte Carlo’s Cafe de Paris. He
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sauerkraut recipe

Fresh Home – Made German Sauerkraut – Recipe

There is no other German food that represents the uniqueness of German cuisine more than that of Sauerkraut, and
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apricot jam crepes

German Palatschinken with Apricot Filling – Receipe

“Palatschinken” are the Austrian version of pancakes or what the French would refer to as Crepes. They can be
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