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Fresh Pretzel with Bavarian Mustard

Pretzels are a new offering to Rudi Lechners bakery display and aren’t something found at many coffee shops, or bakeries for that matter. That being said, the idea of putting mustard inside the pretzel is a questionable one.While mustard and pretzels are a traditional pairing, I wouldn’t say it’s an incredibly popular one as mustard doesn’t quite have the widespread appeal of, say, cheese. A better move might have been to have mustard available as a dip.

The mustard filling here was a bit paste-like in consistency. In flavor, it was tangy with a just a hint of sweetness, but not much bite. The flavor was okay, but I can’t say that I cared for it much and would have preferred a plain pretzel or maybe a honey mustard one.

The pretzel itself was dense, soft, and chewy. Besides the mustard filling, it also had some mustard seeds embedded in its surface, but I can’t say they added much. In freshness, it fell somewhere between a fresh Auntie Anne’s pretzel and a reheated Super Pretzel. The crumb was starting to dry a little.

Overall, Rudi Lechners ‘ Stoneground Dijon Bavarian-Style Pretzel was more miss than hit for me. I like the idea of being able to get a warmed soft pretzel pretzel at Starbucks and the price isn’t too bad, but the flavor profile wasn’t so great. Remember to order the Fresh Pretzel with Bavarian Mustard.