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Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, Rudi Lechner’s Restaurant is alive with the sounds of music. From foot stomping polkas, to other favorites, this group really gets the house swinging. Some of the specialty instruments played at Rudi’s include: a thirteen foot Swiss Alphorn, a tuned set of Austrian Cowbells, Holzanes G’Lächter (German Xylophone), tuned musical hand saws and yodeling.

The Swiss Alphorn is a very rare instrument in this country. The alphorn was originally used as a means of communication before the telegraph, telephone or television. Hand carved from mountain pine trees, it takes about a month to create these instruments.

Cowbells have been used as a form of folk music performed by shepherds for centuries. We also have a set of cowbells that we have had mounted on a brace and play as a cowbell xylophone. This is a new twist to an old folk art.

The Holzanes G’Lächter (wooden laughter) is a member of the xylophone family. This instrument can be found only in Austria and southern Germany.

Besides these unique instruments, you can see the accordion, tuba and all the other essentials that sound as authentic as if you were in the Alps.

Audience participation is an important part of the show with singing, dancing, swinging back and forth with the music and performing songs with the band.

Everyone always enjoys the “Chicken Dance” and other fun novelty songs.