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German American Foods

German Restaurants Branching Cultures: Offering American Cuisines

German American FoodsGerman restaurants are fairly well known for their special cultural cuisine. The great taste, the smell, everything brings to mind a distinct style that is unique to the food. Even the atmosphere of a German restaurant is pulled off very well. So with Oktoberfest around the corner. Why do some of these German restaurants feel the need deviate from what they are supposed to do? Specifically, why are all of these restaurants now serving American dishes in addition to their German food?

Well there are a few prominent reasons as to why some of these classic German restaurants are producing much more common American food. One of these reasons is the availability and familiarity of the food. In the United States at least, seeing a hamburger on the menu is totally different than seeing a dish like Sauerbraten. This, by the way, is an absolutely delicious meal.

Anyway, the common pedestrian will be more comfortable with choosing the hamburger over the delicious, yet foreign dish most of the time. So this makes sense for America, and it is not too much of a stretch from there to imagine the primary food served in the American Oktoberfests to be familiar fare. That can’t be the end of it though, right?

Well it isn’t. American food is also pretty portable. Owing to the fast paced lifestyle of the average US citizen, the food here has changed to become ideal for eating on the go. What special celebration is upon us again? Oktoberfest of course! A festival where the patrons will be selling beer and food all day for over 2 weeks. The people will wander from stall to stall sampling the beer and enjoying the atmosphere of the celebration. Sounds like a lot of moving doesn’t it? American food like a hamburger would fit in pretty well, since it is real easy to eat while walking. Perfect fair food, and why should it not be included in the world’s biggest fair?

A lot more German restaurants have begun to incorporate American food, and that is not a bad thing. It makes sense in America where the familiarity would give options to customers who aren’t quite willing to sample the German cuisine. I also believe that the American dishes balance out the German ones quite nicely, giving even more variety to their menus. So as I said, it isn’t a bad thing that the Germans are using American food.