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Looking for the Best Blintzes in Houston? You’ve come to the Right Place

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blintzes-german-food-houston-txIn case you are living in Houston or planning on visiting it, you must try the best blintzes in Houston. We’ve got you covered on that. Visit us and taste the delicious recipe of a real blintz.

For those of you who do not really have an idea of what exactly a blintz is, let us explain. It’s a thinner pancake without a leavening agent. And, we happen to have the best blintzes in Houston.

Blintzes were considered the symbol of the Sun by Slavic peoples in pre-Christian times. The last week of winter was called “pancake week” and blintzes were prepared to celebrate the end of the winter. This tradition is carried on by the Orthodox Church.

Although the most popular blintzes are made of wheat, still different types of flour can be used to prepare the blintzes like buckwheat, millet and oatmeal.

The blintzes are widely known for their savory taste mixed with creamy filling. There are many variations on the blintzes recipes. They can be made with cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese, can be sweet or salty, with raspberries or strawberries or with sour cream. There is also an option of filling them with a mixture of sour cream and ricotta cheese. And, still, you can sweeten them with some sugar. Blueberries can be an addition to these blintzes, too. And, when they’re done, you can eat them with fresh blueberries or a blueberry sauce. These special blintzes make a good morning breakfast but also a delicious dessert.

The serving of the blintzes depends on the type of the filling, they can be served on room temperature, warm or cold.

If all this got you interested in trying out this delicious recipe, don’t think twice. Visit us and try the best blintzes in Houston, for they are really good and tasty. You will be surprised how good they are, and you’ll be in love with them as soon as you try them. You’ll end up eating them every other day. So, if you try them once, it won’t be your last time, trust us. And, since they are the best blintzes in Houston, you will not be disappointed.

As we mentioned above, you can eat them for breakfast, but they can be your guilty pleasure after the meal or on your break from work. You will not regret trying them. And we have the best blintzes in Houston just for you and the food lover in you.

We’re sure that this will not leave you indifferent. We’re sure you’ll want to try these blintzes as soon as you can. So, don’t waste any time and come to try out the best blintzes in Houston.