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Deviled Eggs

The Most Popular Recipes of Deviled Eggs

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Deviled EggsDeviled eggs are many people’s favorites. Now, imagine you can add some extra flavors to your favorite recipe for deviled eggs and get a new and delightful meal which everybody will love.

First, we’ve got bacon cheddar deviled eggs. These deviled eggs will be better than your ordinary recipe because they include bacon and shredded cheddar. The original recipe for these deviled eggs makes 24 of them. You will need 12 eggs, half a cup of mayonnaise, four slices of bacon, 2 spoons shredded cheddar cheese and one spoon mustard. Boil the eggs in a saucepan. After boiling, leave them to stand in hot water for 10 or 12 minutes. After that, cool them with cold water. In the meantime, cook the bacon on a medium-high heat until all of them are brown. You can do that or just wrap the bacon in paper towels and cook them in the microwave, one minute for every piece of bacon. After the eggs are cooled, peel them and cut them lengthwise. Remove the yolks and put them in a small bowl. Mix the yolks together with the mayonnaise, the bacon and the cheese. Add the mustard and then fill the eggs with that mixture. Leave the filled eggs in the refrigerator until it’s time for serving them.

Delicious deluxe deviled eggs are always a good choice. What you will need is 6 eggs, chopped celery, chopped onion, 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, salt, hot pepper sauce and paprika. The process of boiling, cooling and peeling the eggs is always the same and every woman knows it. Again, cut the eggs in half and remove the yolks. Mix the yolks with the rest of the ingredients, the celery, onion, mayonnaise and hot pepper sauce. Fill in the eggs with this mixture and sprinkle them with paprika.

Next we have is a special type of deviled eggs. What makes them special is the horseradish sauce. For this recipe you need 6 eggs, 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, 2 spoons chopped onion, 3 spoons sweet pickle relish, 1 spoon horseradish, 1 spoon mustard, paprika and salt. Again, the process is the same. You boil the eggs, and peel them and cut them lengthwise. After you remove the yolks, you mix the yolks together with the ingredients and after they’re done, garnish them with paprika, pepper and salt.

Another delicious filling that you can make for bacon-balsamic deviled eggs is to mix the yolks with bacon, vinegar, onion, sugar, celery salt, mayonnaise and pepper.

We sincerely hope you like all of these recipes for deviled eggs we chose as the most popular and will try out all of them.