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German-style Bread Rolls for a Perfect Dish

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German-style Bread Rolls for a Perfect DishBread rolls are small rounded loafs of bread, usually prepared for one person. They are often served as an addition to the meal and can be eaten plain or with butter or, they can be cut into two pieces and have a filling in between. It is like making a sandwich out of slices of bread.

There have been many different names for these bread rolls. Usually the name comes from the baker’s term which was used for different forms of the bread rolls and for the different way that the bread rolls were cooked. Because there are too many, people have come to use one simple name for all the different types of bread rolls, just a bread roll.

There is breadcake, term used for making sandwiches out of bread rolls. Then, cob which is a soft or crusty round roll and bap, which is a larger roll which contains butter in order to provide tenderness and comes into various shapes. Some other terms are barm, batch, bulkie roll, bun, dinner roll, dollar roll, flour cake, French roll, Italian roll, Kaiser roll, manchet, muffin, onion roll, oven bottom and teacake.

The bread rolls are a very common food in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and Italy. The Germans also have different names for different forms and shapes of the bread roll such as brotchen, rundstuck, semmel, schrippe or weck. There are also white rolls made of wheat flour and dark rolls made of rye flour. Many of the bread rolls include spices as their ingredient, too. These spices can be coriander, cumin, nuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds.

These bread rolls can be eaten with butter or cheese, bread spreads, marmalade, ham, or salami.

Germans have tradition of eating potato noodles which are covered in sauce and literally, they are swimming in the sauce. This dish is usually eaten with bread rolls so that at the end of the meal, you can wipe all the sauce out of the plate. It sounds delicious and it really is!

Another type of bread rolls are the pretzel bread rolls (the German term is laugenwecken) which can be eaten with some delicious toppings like cooked ham or cream cheese.

Then you have the seele, which is also a bread roll and goes great with creamy mushroom sauce.

Bread rolls is a good choice for most meals and you have different kinds to choose from and German-style rolls are among the most tasteful ones.

You should try sometimes eating bread rolls with your dinner or lunch because it’s a great addition and it will make you like the food even more.